About the studio

Young Artists' Place is a small art studio run by Janice Liu. Located in a street-facing unit at the intersection of Royal Oak and Rumble, the studio offers private and semi-private classes to artists in Burnaby and the greater Vancouver area.

I offer classes in two categories: Drawing & Painting, and Digital Art. Students of all abilities are welcome, and instruction is catered to the students' interests and skill level. My goal is to help young artists become the best version of themselves, artistically.

Here's what you can expect from my classes:

  • Focus on practical techniques.

    I focus on teaching use of tools, as well as fundamental drawing and painting skills, without stifling personal style or expression. When students gain confidence and the feeling of mastery over art tools and techniques, they can then use these tools to express their own artistic voice more authentically.
  • An artist's perspective.

    I share my own methods as a practicing artist - watching another artist demonstrate a technique is one of the most useful ways that young artists can learn.
  • Communication & flexibility.

    I get to know each student as a person and an artist, and I place the utmost importance on listening to their needs. I've worked with students who have ADHD and autism, and I'm happy to provide accommodations for students with disabilities or other special needs to the best of my ability.
  • A contemporary approach.

    Artists today are making use of technology, and styles like anime or cartoons which were once dismissed are now increasingly recognized as art forms. Whether it's the mediums we use or the artists we look at, I try to teach what's important to young voices in the arts today.