Drawing & Painting

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These weekly classes cover drawing and painting techniques with a variety of materials, such as watercolours, pastels, and pen & ink. Students are encouraged to have fun with their projects by customizing them according to their own interests, as well as spend time refining their artwork. Observation, construction, and creative problem-solving are key skills that we try to develop in this class.

Projects alternate between more creativity-based projects (cartooning, stories, characters from imagination) and more observation-based projects (drawing from life or photos).

All supplies included. Please arrive in mess-friendly clothing, as we sometimes work with materials that stain!


This class filled on an ongoing basis (you may join anytime, but I ask that you commit to 5 classes at a time).

For first-time students considering my ongoing classes, I invite you to come to the studio for a free trial class! This free class is 1 hour long. Please fill out the registration form with your availability to book a trial class.

Class Schedule

Wednesdays 4-5pm6-9$100 for 5 classes
Fridays 4-5pm8-11$100 for 5 classes

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Student work from past classes

By Alvin, Chloe, and Anna