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Drawing & painting class

Young Cartoonists class

In my children's classes I focus on teaching practical art techniques, such as how to capture proportions, draw from observation, and use different materials. Children are encouraged to use their own problem-solving skills and be imaginative in their art-making.

I rarely present a drawing and simply ask children to copy it. Instead, I invite them to try and figure out how the images were created, and to emulate the techniques or the way the artist uses colour. Or we might use the characters in the drawing as a starting-point, and create our own stories and compositions from there. Topics are open-ended and students are given the choice to choose subjects that interest them the most.

Winter 2019 classes

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☆ NEW - Manga Basics ☆ 6-9yrs

SATURDAYS 11am-12pm • Jan 12 - Mar 9, 2019 (8 weeks, no class Feb 16) • $145

A manga class for budding artists! Kids will learn drawing skills like proportions and facial expressions in an anime/manga style. We'll go over the step-by-step of drawing faces, hair, and clothing, and students will create colour illustrations of their own character designs.

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Young Cartoonists ☆ 9-13yrs

SATURDAYS 2:15-3:15pm • Jan 12 - Mar 9, 2019 (8 weeks, no class Feb 16) • $145

SUNDAYS 2:45pm-3:45pm • Jan 13 - Mar 10, 2019 (8 weeks, no class Feb 17) • $145

This class is an intro to the process of drawing comics. Students will be shown how to plan out a comic by starting with writing a script and creating rough thumbnail sketches. We will then cover the steps of comic creation, such as drawing cartoon characters, speech bubbles, and using pen & ink to outline our comic artwork.

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Character Design for Comics ☆ 10-14yrs

SATURDAYS 1pm-2pm • Jan 12 - Mar 9, 2019 (8 weeks, no class Feb 16) • $145 *CLASS FULL

Learn about anatomy, proportion, and design principles for creating appealing cartoon characters. We’ll create a cast for a comic together as a class! Recommended for students who have already taken my Young Cartoonists class.

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Ongoing classes

The following kids' classes are filled on an ongoing basis (you may join anytime, but I ask that you commit to 5 classes at a time).

Drawing & Painting 6-9 yrs

WEDNESDAYS 4pm-5pm • Ongoing • $110 for 5 classes / $200 for 10 classes

Through art projects that revolve around stories and imagination, children develop an understanding of the basics of drawing, such as form, colour, and proportions, and learn to use different art tools and materials. Projects will cover drawing and painting techniques with a variety of materials, such as watercolours, pastels, and pen & ink. All supplies included.

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Drawing & Painting 8-11 yrs

FRIDAYS 4pm-5pm • Ongoing • $110 for 5 classes / $200 for 10 classes

Students in this class are encouraged to spend time refining their artwork and become more familiar with drawing and painting techniques. Observation and gaining an understanding of proportion, construction, and creative problem-solving are key skills that we try to develop. Kids will work on art projects that engage their interests, while being exposed to a variety of tools and materials. All supplies included.

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Free trial class

For first-time students considering my ongoing classes, I invite you to come to the studio for a free trial class! This free class is 1 hour long and all supplies are provided. Please fill out the registration form with your availability to book a trial class.