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Aside from the ability to draw complex shapes and create beautiful masterpieces, artists and non-artists have one major thing in common. Non-artists did not practice the art of drawing.

We’ve all held sketch pencils, crayons and paint brushes in our hands at one point of time but the zest to create something remarkable did not go beyond school projects in the early grades. Soon “lucrative” courses such as math, science and liberal arts consumed our lives, leaving no room for sketching, painting or just doodling.

But wait! Before assessing effective ways on how to significantly improve your skills, it is vital to completely eradicate the idea of “perfect art” because there is no such thing. The process of working with your desired style and enjoying the outcome often gets hindered by the pressure of creating a pre-existing composition. Remember, art gives us the liberty to create something unique.

Now let's take a look at fun daily exercises you can utilize to make a stride from a beginner level to an expert level.

Doodle Away

Doodling is a simple technique which entails drawing everything that comes to your mind. The exercise is enjoyable and does not consist of drawing perfect lines. Instead, you have the freedom to draw all types of shapes.

The exercise will enhance your visual literacy and grant you the ability to think of ideas and put them on paper. Regularly sharpen your skills by using different drawing tools and attempt to draw all the things that come to your mind.

Work in Themes

Pick a theme and stick to it throughout the day. For instance, if you select the concept of hot beverages, attempt to draw your visual memories and perspective of all related designs and structures. Widening the themes in terms of ideas, sizes, colours, and perspectives will hone your concept-building abilities and improve your hand skills.

Fun Depictions

Brace yourself for this daily fun exercise! Simply cut 25 index cards into three parts. Write a noun on each card of the first stack, a verb in the second, and adjectives in the third pile. Shuffle each stack individually and place them all adjacently. Draw one card from each category and put them next to each other to create a phrase. Can you guess what’s next? Drawing out the phrase! If you get an expression dizzy/bird/eating, you should use your mental visuals and ideas to create a drawing.

The exercise will encourage you to go beyond the array of conventional ideas and thoughts to create art pieces which widen your cognitive and depiction abilities.

Ditch the Dominant Hand

Daily drawing exercises are immensely fun, but you must challenge your abilities on a regular basis. Once you begin to witness a pattern in your illustrations and feel bored, switch to the non-dominant hand. Believe it or not, working with a non-dominant hand will pull your attention to areas that were being previously missed. The strategy will allow you to return to your dominant-hand with newfound techniques and interest.

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It’s natural for our skills to thrive and extensively shape-up under proper guidance and supervision. Luckily, Young Artists’ Place is just the place to learn varying types of art techniques.

The studio is located in Burnaby BC and run by art instructor, Janice Liu who administers private and semi-private lessons in drawing and painting to all age groups.

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