Benefits of Getting Private Art Lessons in a Studio – Young Artists Place

Drawing and painting are expressions of your internal perspectives and inclinations. While interest in art is innate, learning proper techniques to become proficient in the realm requires a great deal of expert guidance and practice.

Art lessons are an excellent way of pursuing your hobby and honing your skills. Moreover, private lessons guarantee you space and attention needed to learn effectively. The presence of other students can hinder your comfort and self-confidence, especially if they have more training and experience.

Learn in a Studio

Private art lessons can be administered in the comfort of your own home. The deal seems pretty sweet! The art instructor arrives at your doorstep with all the right tools and ready to share their knowledge with you. However, art requires space that may be difficult to allot in smaller homes or residential properties that are shared by multiple members.

In addition to ample room, peace of mind is also needed to think creatively and apply your ideas onto the paper. Learning in the environment that we accomplish multiple tasks in may keep our thoughts hooked onto pending chores and stresses.

Art classes are also offered online. Teachers instruct students through webcams, and both of them can attend the lesson from the comfort of their homes. But in reality, lessons through video conferencing do not compare to the physical presence and hands-on teachings that can be offered in person.

The last and best site to take art lessons is a studio. The area is entirely dedicated to art and consists of all essential tools, including canvases, easels, varying types of paint, and pallets. A studio makes up for an excellent location to completely submerge yourself in art mentally and physically.

Advantages of Private Lessons

As mentioned earlier, learning to draw and paint from a professional opens doors to a vast array of techniques and strengthened skills. Private sessions are tailored to enhance your strengths and work on your weakness, enabling you to successfully become a sketch artist, painter, architect, illustrator, digital artist, cartoonist, and more.

Private lessons allow instructors to give you all their attention, allowing you to learn essential skills faster and fix all areas you may be struggling in. Moreover, you can ask for the lessons to solely focus on areas you are exclusively interested in, such as human anatomy, landscapes, cartoons, digital art, etc. Private art lessons eliminate the pressure of keeping up with everyone, and you can solely focus on uplifting your art abilities.

Young Artists’ Place

Young Artists’ Place is located in Burnaby BC and run by teaching artist, Janice Lui. The studio offers private and semi-private art classes to kids, teens and adults with a special focus on practical techniques, artist’s perspective, communication and flexibility.

Art programs for kids (6-11 years) include lessons in creative painting, cartoons, drawing, and painting. Lessons for teens (12-19) comprise illustrative painting and inked comics. Lastly, the art program for adults focuses on digital art and illustration.

Artist Janice Lui also holds workshops and visits to schools. Visit to view a full list of all programs and sign up. You can also call 604.780.2283.